Orbit FR-150 1-1/2" Malleable Iron Rigid Floor Flange

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Orbit FR-150

FR-150 Product Description

Orbit Industries’ floor flanges connect threaded rigid or IMC conduits to flat surfaces. The threaded hub allows pipes to be screwed in and securely fastened. Orbit Industries’ floor flanges provide perfect support for threaded pipes. They are handy for smoke detectors, hanging security cameras, fire alarm signals/strobes, and other low-voltage and electronic signaling devices from ceilings. These floor flanges may also be used in a variety of different applications as required.


Manufacturer: Orbit Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer Brand: Orbit Industries, Inc./UMI
TRADE SIZE: 1-1/2"
UPC: 835243037922
Part No: FR-150

About Orbit:

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical products catering to the wholesale distribution market. Orbit’s headquarters is conveniently located in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, Orbit has expanded on the philosophy of delivering quality products with quality service.
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Orbit FR-150 1-1/2" Malleable Iron Rigid Floor Flange
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