Lew Electric 1103-58-A Adjustable Three Gang Deep Concrete Floor Box, Aluminum

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Lew Electric 1103-58-A

1103-58-A Product Description

The Lew Electric 1103-58-A is a cast iron concrete floor box with a three gang aluminum top. The box is fully adjustable and offers 3/8" of adjustability after it is installed via 4 screws with just a screwdriver. The box is deep offering 3.32" of height for installation, and 13 cubic inches of interior space in each gang. There are a total of six 3/4" knockouts in the box to run your wires to. The box ships with a protective cement cover to keep the box clean and safe during concrete pouring. The box does not ship with a cover, there are several options available that are sold separately. If the box is to be used in a carpeted area a sold separately carpet flange can be ordered, the CF-1100 series carpet flange adds 3/8" of height to accommodate the carpet and padding. For tile applications no flange is needed, simply pour your concrete to the level of the tile frame less the thickness of the tile. To further make installation as easy as possible, screws are provided to mount the cover assembly to the box. The box is UL listed for the USA, and cUL listed for Canada installations.


Top: Aluminum
Requires cover, sold separately
Size: Three gang
For concrete installations
Offers 3/8" of adjustability post installation
40 cubic inches of interior space
Eight 3/4" knockouts
UL and cUL listed, # 514A, 489H
Includes construction cap
Includes cover screws to secure to box
Box dimensions: 4.25" x 8.88"
Depth: 3.32" deep
Can be used with carpet or tile
Warranty: 1 year

About Lew Electric:

Lew Electric Fittings Company is a family owned and operated company founded in 1901. It provides personal customer service that helped turn that one floor box Jacob created into the largest variety of not only floor boxes, but kitchen counter top electrical boxes and even outdoor electrical boxes seen in the industry today. Its the market leading provider of residential floor boxes as well as manufacturers of floor boxes for homes, churches, airports, sports stadiums, highways-any type of facility that needs electrical boxes where wall boxes are insufficient.
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Lew Electric 1103-58-A Adjustable Three Gang Deep Concrete Floor Box, Aluminum
Lew Electric 1103-58-A Adjustable Three Gang Deep Concrete Floor Box, Aluminum
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