Intermatic RC6F 1 1/2" Fiberglass Air Button - 100 ft Range

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Intermatic RC6F

RC6F Product Description

Intermatic RC6F Universal Air Switch Button as part of the Air Switch Kit to control one piece of equipment with an air button. The switch can safely control loads without electricity at the pool, spa, or tub side. For example, a pump, air blower, heater, or light can be turned on or off from the side of the pool without risk of electric shock. The tubing is run from the air button to the air control. When the air button is pushed, a blast of air travels through the tubing and engages the air control. 


Stock Code: RC6F
Brand: Intermatic
Auto Start/Stop : False
Unit Carton Height (in): 0.5
Unit Carton Length (in): 9.5
Unit Carton Weight (lb) : 0.151
Unit Carton Width (in): 6

About Intermatic:

Our product portfolio broadened to include industrial- and commercial-grade controls starting in 1990 and would soon expand with a variety of progressive, energy-saving solutions. Today, Intermatic offers an extensive catalog of lighting and energy controls, surge protection devices, weatherproof covers, and Wi-Fi-enabled solutions as we continue to evolve and push the industry forward.
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Intermatic RC6F 1 1/2" Fiberglass Air Button - 100 ft Range
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