Elco Lighting L52 43mm Diameter 2 Mil Thick Blue Lens

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Elco Lighting L52

L52 Product Description

Elco Lighting L52  43mm Diameter 2 Mil Thick Blue Lens


L45 - Hex Louver Lens - for a better glare shield
L46 - Linear Lens - provides a wide rectangular
illumination pattern
L47 - Spread Lens - provides a symmetrical broadening
of light beams
L49 - Diffuser Lens - for a softer light
L51 - Color Shifter Lens - reduces color temperature of
Koto module by ~400K ( IE: 2700K module will go to ~
2300K, 3000K module will go to ~ 2600K)
Field Changeable Lens - EP731C (18°), EP732C (28°,
Included w. Koto Module), EP733C (38°, Included w.
Koto Module), EP734C (60°, Included w. Koto Module)
Field Changeable Reflectors - EP735C (15°), EP736C
(25°), EP737C (38°), EP738C (60°)
L50W - White Koto™ Snoot
L50B - Black Koto™ Snoot
Beam Angle 15º - 60º

About Elco Lighting:

Founded in 1991 by its president, Steve Cohen, ELCO Lighting develops and markets lighting products for commercial and residential applications. Founded on the philosophy that high-quality commercial and residential lighting should be sold at a fair market price, Elco Lighting has designed and engineered lighting for residential and commercial spaces for almost two decades. Their product line includes track and recessed lighting fixtures, exit and emergency lights, under cabinet lighting, wall packs, step lights and more.

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Elco Lighting L52 43mm Diameter 2 Mil Thick Blue Lens
Elco Lighting L52 43mm Diameter 2 Mil Thick Blue Lens
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