Diode LED CBU-PWM4 CASAMBI PWM4 Bluetooth Controller Single Color Dimming Controller

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Diode LED
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CBU-PWM4 Product Description

CBU-PWM4 is a Bluetooth-controllable, Casambi-enabled four-channel PWM dimmer for constant voltage leds loads, such as LED strips and constant voltage LED modules. It is connected between a 12-24 VDC power supply and the constant voltage LED load. CBU-PWM4 can control up to four channels making it an
ideal partner for RGBW and tunable white (TW) applications. The maximum total output current is 6 A which can be freely divided between 1-4 channels. CBU-PWM4 is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit situations. CBU-PWM4 is not protected against reverse polarity! CBU-PWM4 can be controlled with the Casambi app which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Different Casambi-enabled products can be used from a simple one-luminaire direct control to a complete and full-featured light control system where up to 250 units form automatically an intelligent mesh network.



Voltage range
12-24 VDC

Max. input current:
6 A
4 A (US and Canada)

No-load standby power
< 0,3 W


Output voltage
Same as input voltage

Max. output power
144 W @ 24 VDC
72 W @ 12 VDC
96 W @ 24 VDC (US and Canada)
48 W @ 12 VDC (US and Canada)

Max. output current
6 A (can be freely divided between the channels)
4 A (US and Canada)

Min. load requirement
0 W

Dimming method
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

72,6 x 30,0 x 18,0 mm

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Diode LED CBU-PWM4 CASAMBI PWM4 Bluetooth Controller Single Color Dimming Controller
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