Core Lighting PSDE-TW-010-WD Warm-Dim Module

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Core Lighting PSDE-TW-010-WD

PSDE-TW-010-WD Product Description

The PSDE-TW-010-WD is a constant voltage warm dimming module designed for linear LED strips.This highly efficient dimming module is compatible with
0-10V control systems and is flicker free from 0-100%. It mimics a seamless, smooth incandescent dimming curve. It enables smooth, dynamic color temperature shifts of 1800K to 3000K. Depending on the application, the PSDE-TW-010-WD creates eye-catching, color temperature changing effects.


8-48 VDC input
Flicker-free 0-100% dimming
High precision dimming ratio: > 1:1000
Fully isolated plastic housing
Complies with EN55015 and FCC part 15 wihtout
additional input filter and capacitors.
Suitable for LED lighting and signage applications
Compact size, high reliablitiy

About Core Lighting:

Core Lighting focus is to refine today’s illumination by developing cutting-edge and technologically advanced lighting products that are functional and energy efficient. Core Lighting has set the tone for what sets the company apart from the rest by striving for innovation, uncompromising quality and customer focused service.
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Core Lighting PSDE-TW-010-WD Warm-Dim Module
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