Wattstopper LMSW-104-I Digital Lighting 4-Button Wall Switch - Infrared – 24V - Ivory

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Wattstopper LMSW-104-I

LMSW-104-I Product Description

LMSW-100 Series Wall Switches are low voltage devices for energy-saving manual on/off control of one or more loads from one or more locations. They are part of a Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system and can control any load(s) connected to DLM room controllers.
LMSW-100 Series Wall Switches are recommended for virtually all applications, including offices, conference rooms and classrooms. They are ideal for any area where manual on/off control is desired. They are also perfect for applications requiring multi-way control. LMSW-100 Series Switches increase energy savings and improve the return on investment of any Digital Lighting Management system.


Manufacturer : Wattstopper
SKU : LMSW-104-I
UPC : 754182925575
Switch Type : Button
Input Voltage : 24V
Color :  Ivory
Min Operating Temp : 32 Degrees F
Length : 1.69"
Height : 4.14"


Hidden configuration button for easy access to Push n’ Learn
Infrared (IR) transceiver for wireless configuration and control
Sleek single gang devices fit decorator wall plates
Switches may be used for multi-way control
Each button can control individual or multiple loads, or one scene; LED indicates status
Each switch button can be used to dim the load (except for LMSW-101)
Standard buttons may be replaced in the field
The product meets the materials restrictions of RoHS

About Wattstopper:

Wattstopper is a brand that specializes in energy-efficient lighting control solutions and products. They are known for their occupancy sensors, lighting control panels, and other devices designed to reduce energy consumption in commercial and residential buildings. These products are often used to automatically turn lights on or off based on occupancy and ambient light levels, helping to save energy and reduce electricity costs.

Wattstopper is part of the larger Legrand Group, a global company that offers a wide range of electrical and digital building infrastructures. Their products are commonly used in offices, schools, hotels, and various other commercial and industrial settings to improve energy efficiency and provide convenience.

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Wattstopper LMSW-104-I Digital Lighting 4-Button Wall Switch - Infrared – 24V - Ivory
Wattstopper LMSW-104-I Digital Lighting 4-Button Wall Switch - Infrared – 24V - Ivory
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