Siemens 8EM13105CF140GA0 48-Amp Commercial EV Charger, 208/240V

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Siemens 8EM13105CF140GA0

8EM13105CF140GA0 Product Description

VersiCharge Gen3 48A (11.5 kW) AC Charger: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Commercial EV Charging

Key Features for Commercial Excellence

High-Powered Charging: The VersiCharge Gen3 boasts an impressive 48A (11.5 kW) charging capacity, making it the ideal solution for high-demand commercial electric vehicle charging stations.

Extended Cable Reach: With a generous 20-foot cable, this charger offers the flexibility needed for commercial applications, ensuring that EV charging is convenient and accessible.

Seamless Connectivity: Featuring OCPP 1.6J communication compatibility over both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, this charger seamlessly integrates into your commercial EV charging infrastructure, providing efficient, connected charging.

Versatile Compatibility: Support for Modbus RTU (RS485) and Modbus TCP (LAN/Wi-Fi) communication protocols allows for connectivity with a wide range of systems and configurations, offering adaptability for diverse operational needs.

RFID Authorization: Ensure secure access control with RFID authorization, guaranteeing that only authorized users can utilize your charging stations, enhancing security and management.

Real-Time Energy Metering: Built-in energy metering provides accurate, real-time tracking of energy consumption, facilitating precise billing, cost control, and an enhanced understanding of your energy usage.

Parent Charger Connectivity: Easily link multiple chargers through a Wi-Fi hotspot to a Parent charger for internet access, simplifying network management and monitoring for comprehensive control.

Three-Year Warranty: Enjoy the assurance of a three-year warranty, underscoring the charger's reliability, durability, and commitment to quality for commercial environments.

Energy Star 1.2 Certified: This charger proudly holds the Energy Star 1.2 certification, emphasizing its dedication to energy efficiency and environmentally responsible operation, reducing your carbon footprint.

About Siemens:

Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies. In infrastructure and industry solutions the company plays a pioneering role.

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Siemens 8EM13105CF140GA0 48-Amp Commercial EV Charger, 208/240V
Siemens 8EM13105CF140GA0 48-Amp Commercial EV Charger, 208/240V
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