Intermatic DTAV40Q-M 24-Hour Electromechanical Defrost Timer

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Intermatic DTAV40Q-M

DTAV40Q-M Product Description

For electric heat, hot gas or compressor shutdown defrost. The DTAV40Q-M Series Auto Voltage Defrost Timer is applicable to air defrost (compressor shutdown) and electric or hot gas defrost systems where the defrost cycle is terminated by the timer. If the coil is frost-free, the timer can also be terminated by temperature or pressure switches before the programmed defrost termination time has been reached. The time termination functions as a fail-safe and terminates the defrost cycle if the temperature or pressure switch fails to do so.


Model Number DTAV40Q-M
Description 24-Hour Electromechanical Defrost Timer
UPC Code 078275141360
Brand Domestic Intermatic
Country of Origin (Intermatic) MEXICO
Warranty Period 1-Year limited
Minimum ON/OFF Times 15 min
Maximum ON/OFF Times 23 hours, 45 min
Time Initiation Time
ON/OFF Operations 48
Clock Drive Type Quartz
Backup Restoration Time 70 Hours
Backup Type 72-hour Carry-over; Battery; Self-recharging
Battery Type Li-Ion
Time Termination Pressure; Temperature; Time
Backup Protection Time 72 Hours
Battery Service Type Rechargeable
Mechanism Type Electromechanical
Defrost LED Indicator Red
Has Captive Trippers Yes

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Intermatic DTAV40Q-M 24-Hour Electromechanical Defrost Timer
Intermatic DTAV40Q-M 24-Hour Electromechanical Defrost Timer
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