Buster + Punch NSC-143079 Electricity Single Duplex Outlet (White)

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Buster + Punch NSC-143079

NSC-143079 Product Description

A duplex outlet finished in white fixed with white anodized metal coin screws. The flat plate is made from matte white polycarbonate with a subtle ‘Buster + Punch’ logo. The outlet module is finished in white polycarbonate.


1 x Duplex outlet
120 V
5-15 R
60 Hz

About Buster + Punch:

Buster + Punch is a design-led lifestyle brand based in London, known for its distinctive and innovative approach to home fittings and accessories. The company originally started in a garage in East London, focusing on custom motorbike builds. Over time, Buster + Punch expanded its offerings to include a wide range of products such as lighting fixtures (like light bulbs and pendant lamps), hardware (like door handles and cabinet pulls), and other home accessories.

The brand is characterized by its use of rare, solid metals and a commitment to craftsmanship and design innovation. Buster + Punch draws inspiration from London's dynamic fashion, music, and sub-culture scenes, often collaborating with artists, designers, and builders to create products that blend style with functionality and a unique urban edge.

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Buster + Punch NSC-143079 Electricity Single Duplex Outlet (White)
Buster + Punch NSC-143079 Electricity Single Duplex Outlet (White)
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