Orbit SSB-T5 Simple Support Bracket Fits 4”, 4-11/16” Or 5” Boxes, Expands From 15” To 25”

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Orbit SSB-T5

SSB-T5 Product Description

Orbit Industries’ Simple Support Bracket for Up To 5” Boxes (SSB-T5) expands from 15" to 25" to suit all common wall stud and hard lid ceiling cavities. SSB-T5 is the first telescoping bracket to accept 4”, 4-11/16” and 5” square boxes. Quickly and easily mount junction boxes anywhere between studs, via snap-on Orbit Adapters (UMA for 4” and 4-11/16” – UMA-LVBS for up to 5”). Rigid, double-rail design requires no extra back support – even at full extension! Up to three outlet boxes between 24" stud bays. Patented. UL Listed.


- Telescoping bracket adjusts from 15" to 25"
- Mount boxes between studs or overhead between hard lid ceiling joists (for T-grid, see SSB-TBAR)
- Install boxes quickly with snap-on Adapters: UMA (4" and 4-11/16" Sq. only) and UMA-LVBS (up to 5" Sq.)
- UMA-LVBS permits 4" mud ring attachment to 4", 4-11/16" and 5" square boxes
- Slide junction box to critical position - lock in place with one Tek screw
- Compatible with Orbit snap-on Adjustable Boxes: UMAB Series (3-1/2” deep 4S box) and UMAB-4R Series (4O octagon box)
- Compatible with Ready-to-Install LVBS Assemblies (include adapter, box and/or ring)
- Add and remove boxes without detaching SSB-T5 from studs or disassembling bracket
- Mounts up to three junction boxes between 24" wall studs
- Rigidity eliminates need for far-side back support
- Horizontal pin-holes provide quick starting point for screws
- Optional BMCS Series provides built-in cable/conduit support
- Compatible with Orbit’s UL Adjustable Rings
- Use LVSB Series Rings for low voltage applications that require no back-box
- Ideal for Prefabrication: collapse and expand SSB-T5 without removing junction boxes or adapters
- Order SSB-T5 as a Ready-To-Install product, available in a variety of box sizes, types and mounting styles
- Recommended for use with boxes 2-1/8” deep or (deeper)
- Patented
- Must use 5SLB-2MKO or T5B's with SSB Brackets for 1-1/4" or larger conduit

About Orbit:

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical products catering to the wholesale distribution market. Orbit’s headquarters is conveniently located in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, Orbit has expanded on the philosophy of delivering quality products with quality service.
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Orbit SSB-T5 Simple Support Bracket Fits 4”, 4-11/16” Or 5” Boxes, Expands From 15” To 25”
Orbit SSB-T5 Simple Support Bracket Fits 4”, 4-11/16” Or 5” Boxes, Expands From 15” To 25”
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