Nora Lighting NX-506-LEDR1CA Edge-Lit LED Exit Sign AC only Letter Color Red Silgle/Clear Housing Finish Aluminum

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NORA Lighting NX-506-LEDR1CA

NX-506-LEDR1CA Product Description

Nora Lighting’s compact, low profile LED exit signs are as brilliant and visible as standard incandescent signs, yet use a fraction of the power. LED light sources require no maintenance for 25 years–saving greatly on maintenance and upkeep costs. Nora Lighting’s LED exits are ideal for commercial and industrial standard non-emergency applications where low maintenance and operating costs are a must.
Architectural clear acrylic edge-lit sign for applications requiring low-profile, yet decorative appearance. Uses included, but are not limited to museums, galleries, office building lobbies, etc. Incorporates 25+ year LED source. AC, 2-Circuit, and Battery Backup configurations are available with letters in either green or red color.


Extruded aluminum housing
Clear acrylic panel

0.05 2-Piece snap-together aluminum extrusion holding LED source, PC board, and top of acrylic face. 0.08 Baked enamel black-finished end caps and black finished screws, 3 to each side, secure housing.

Edge-Lit Exit by Nora available in either single or double face. Face is constructed with 0.40 clear acrylic with rounded and finished edge. Face contains red or green lettering 6” high and 3/4” thick to comply with UL/NFPA requirements. Reflective stick-on chevrons provided and are applied to rear of panel in order for light to reflect off the inner face of the chevron tape to provide a similar effect as the lettering embedded inside the acrylic.

120V/277V Input (0.038A / 0.017A)
Total power usage: 3 Watts
LED Light Source
Operating ambient temperature, 10ºC minimum to 40ºC maximum
Short circuit protection.
Brown-out protection.
2nd Circuit for input from external EPS or other alternative emergency power source or generator

Life expectancy
LED sources and PC circuitry are rated for a minimum of 25 years with no change in illumination level

Labels & Listings
UL 924
State & Municipal

About Nora Lighting

After stepping into the lighting game just a little over 20 years ago, Nora lighting has sprinted its way to the top of light fixture suppliers. With a team of the most hip design experts and engineering technologies Nora lights can add a modern, yet dependable edge to your home, job, or college dorm. Nora track lighting and recessed lighting are amongst the best available. So why not play it stylish and smart and go with Nora lighting?
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Nora Lighting NX-506-LEDR1CA Edge-Lit LED Exit Sign AC only Letter Color Red Silgle/Clear Housing Finish Aluminum
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