NORA Lighting NMRTL-F1 New Construction One light frame-in for Trimless MLS

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NORA Lighting NMRTL-F1

NMRTL-F1 Product Description

Multi-lamp functionality and architectural aesthetics define Nora Lighting’s LED Compatible Line Voltage Trimless Multiple Lighting System. This recessed family of fixtures is available in one to three lamp linear configurations. These Incandescent trimless units can be installed in new or remodel construction in drywall ceilings. The finished look blends with the ceiling line with no visible flange.


Housing: 0.05" galvanized steel with ventilation openings for proper heat dissipation. A separate driver compartment with eight 1/2" knockouts for electrical entry to the wiring compartment are available. Housing includes adjustable brackets for various ceiling depths and separate mud ring for finishing.
Installation: Two adjustable brackets.
Minimum Clearance: Requires a minimum clearance of 3" from thermal insulation and 1/2" from any adjacent building components.
Quick Connect:
Each driver has a lead with quick connect. The quick connect easily attaches to quick connect of the LED module. Drivers can be supplied wiht a single supply or individual supply line for independent control.
Dimmable (120V)
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Voltage: Input 120/277V
Operating Temp: 0-70°C
Wattage: 75W per socket
Dimmer must be compatible with lamp source.

About Nora Lighting

After stepping into the lighting game just a little over 20 years ago, Nora lighting has sprinted its way to the top of light fixture suppliers. With a team of the most hip design experts and engineering technologies Nora lights can add a modern, yet dependable edge to your home, job, or college dorm. Nora track lighting and recessed lighting are amongst the best available. So why not play it stylish and smart and go with Nora lighting?
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NORA Lighting NMRTL-F1 New Construction One light frame-in for Trimless MLS
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