Nora Lighting NA-277/100A Step Down Transformer 120V - 277V 100W

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NORA Lighting NA-277/100A

NA-277/100A Product Description

Nora's step down transformer is an accessory offered to take 277V supply voltage and reduce it to 120V. The transformer is installed by a qualified electrician on a supply junction box before the 120V load.


Allows 120V products to be supplied by higher voltages
Simply mounts to junction box using standard knockout


Steps 277 volts line voltage down to 120 volts. Attaches to knockout on first fixture's junction box in a circuit and is 300VA, 150VA or 50VA rated. NA-277 is a UL Recognized component. To calculate usable load, de-rated by 25%.

Dimming - Primary Side
Dimming on the primary side must be done with a 277V low voltage magnetic dimmer.

Dimming - Secondary Side
Dimming on the secondary side (120V) must be done with a recommended compatible dimmer for the secondary load type.

Minimum Clearance
Must be a minimum of 3" from thermal insulation and 1/2" from adjacent building components

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UL Recognized

About Nora Lighting

After stepping into the lighting game just a little over 20 years ago, Nora lighting has sprinted its way to the top of light fixture suppliers. With a team of the most hip design experts and engineering technologies Nora lights can add a modern, yet dependable edge to your home, job, or college dorm. Nora track lighting and recessed lighting are amongst the best available. So why not play it stylish and smart and go with Nora lighting?
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Nora Lighting NA-277/100A Step Down Transformer 120V - 277V 100W
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