Orbit SFID-38 3/8" Steel Insulated Flex Connector Double-Bite Saddle Clamp Type

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Orbit SFID-38

SFID-38 Product Description

Orbit Industries’ FLEX Connecters offer a fast and reliable installation of EMT conduits and flex conduits, metal clad or armored cables to electrical junction boxes or enclosures. The dual gripping saddle clamp have the shape fitting metal jacket of cables, which prevents metal jacket from being distorted and protects wires inside. Steel construction ensures the strength of the connecters and provides great mechanical protection to conduits and cables, and plated zinc provides great corrosion resistance. The insulated throat protects wire coating from being scratched when wires are being pulled.


Category: Armored Cable/Flex Conduit Connector
UPC: 835243028661
Brand: ‎Orbit
Manufacturer: ‎Orbit Industries
Part Number: SFID-38
Steel AC: 14/2 (0.450") - 10/2 (0.660")
AL AC: 14/2(0.450") - 10/2 (0.660")
Steel MCI: 14/2 (0.450") - 10/2 (0.660")
AL MCI: 14/2 (0.450") - 10/2 (0.660")
MCI-A: 14/2 (0.400") - 10/3 (0.590")
Steel HCF AC: 14/2 (0.450") - 10/2 (0.660")
AL HCF AC: 14/2 (0.450") - 10/2 (0.660")
HCF MCI-A: 14/2 (0.400") - 10/3 (0.590")
- Steel
- Zinc plated for corrosion protection
- With Insulated throat for wire protection
- Dual gripping saddle clamp for FLEX conduits and MC/AC cables
- Combo-head screw moves saddle clamp up and down for easy installation
- Dry location

About Orbit:

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical products catering to the wholesale distribution market. Orbit’s headquarters is conveniently located in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, Orbit has expanded on the philosophy of delivering quality products with quality service.
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Orbit SFID-38 3/8
Orbit SFID-38 3/8" Steel Insulated Flex Connector Double-Bite Saddle Clamp Type
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